• Braille Writing
    Braille Writing

    OLYMPUS, loyal to its philosophy to face the public first as People and then as consumers, proceeds to an act of rare social sensitivity.

  • Environmental Policy
    Environmental Policy

    At OLYMPUS we know that economic growth and profitability depends directly on the sustainability of the ecosystem. We try to actively contribute to environmental protection and conservation of our natural resources by minimizing the impact of our activities on natural environment.

  • Recycling: not waste but…resources
    Recycling: not waste but…resources

    Paper Recycling
    OLYMPUS invests in electronic systems, trying to exploit to the maximum the electronic communication, both within and outside the company, aiming at the limitation of the paper file to the minimum possible degree.

  • Effective Water Management
    Effective Water Management

    We make sure that all of the water we process, not only can it be returned to the natural environment without causing the slightest problem on the ecosystem, but so that it can be used in agriculture, too. All the plants are equipped with sewage treatment installations.