Olympus Italia goes social

Olympus Italia goes social

What if the characters of the ancient Greece became the main characters of social media?!

This is the basic idea from which Olympus Italia and Milk adv have created Facebook and Instagram of Olympus Italia.

If you'll follow it you'll discover not only all the Olympus news and products but also the Ellenials, a group of new friends designed by the expert hand of Francesco Poroli. Ellenials are a bunch of Greek historical personalities strictly connected with the 2.0 world.

Until now we've discovered just the first two: Blograte, the wise philosopher expert in communication and Selfo the vain poetess selfie-addicted.

Aren' t you curious to know all of them? The best has yet to come!!

Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/olympusdairyitalia/